In Defense of Dumbledore...

For anyone interested in the ongoing Harry Potter controversey, I wrote an article about it for the Christendom College student paper, The Rambler. You can read it online at if you're so inclined. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Wow. That is an amazing article. Extremely well written (as usual!) and reasonable. Thank you for your/the Catholic point of view on that new controversy. As a Harry Potter fan, I'm glad to read it, and I have also been wondering what Catholic Potter fans/tolerants would say on the topic.

Anonymous said…
yay for regina! doing another awesomely cool article, like you said towards the end none of the kid would have picked up on this, a ton of my friends have read the book and none of them noticed, in fact i doubt any of them really cared since it came so late and so obscurely[is that how you spell it?] into the plot line. and he's already dead, so... as an after thought its very interesting but in the actual story it doesn't make much sense :)
regina doman said…
Thanks y'all!

BTW Someone named Gene Quail posted here that they liked the article but had issues with it... they provided me with a link to their blog but no email... well, the link says the blog has been deleted. I welcome comments on the article, even negative ones expressed with courtesy (and Gene's tone was very respectful) and would gladly post them: but since this link was broken I decided not to post it. If Gene reads this and wants to send me a correct link, I'll see what I can do!
Peace and good

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